February 12, 2021


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Young Britons are moving from the cities to the countryside. They live better there during an epidemic

PwC epidemic according to the international network of consulting firms She changed her wayHow we see cities. PwC predicts that London’s population will decline for the first time since the beginning of the 21st century. This is confirmed by the survey Pro The Guardian, Which says one-third buy their new homes outside the capital. In 2019 it was 29%.

This trend may be due to the anti-epidemic measures announced in the UK regarding the corona virus infection that is controlling public life. However, there are many factors such as the most expensive homes in the long run and the total cost of living in the city.

23-year-old pediatric nurse Chloe Price is one of the cases in which a young man left a busy city and settled in the countryside. He explains his motivation for The Guardian: “During the first lockdown, my friend and I lived in a small dilapidated apartment. We watched with envy on social networks when our friends around the beach were hiking or swimming in the ocean. Such a lock is a toy compared to what is in the city. ”

While some rural areas may not want to return to the city after an epidemic, others may go without city life. For example, 28-year-old music journalist Edward describes to The Guardian how he loses city life and everything associated with it. He is going back to the city from the countryside.

This may be evidence that the depreciation is not so hot. According to analyst Anthony Breach, cities are still a place where people can send direct information not only through virtual sites, but also if the situation requires it.

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