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கசடு.  Evinner 1. The league begins.  Who will fall, who will advance?  A lot of unknowns are question marks

கசடு. Evinner 1. The league begins. Who will fall, who will advance? A lot of unknowns are question marks

The eWinner’s season of the 1st League kicks off on Saturday, April 9th. This year’s tournament promises to be very exciting, a testament to the fact that it’s hard to identify a team with a clear preferred promotion and elimination from the league.

Simon Mikhailsky

Adrian Midzinski

WP SportoweFakty / Sonia Kaps / In Photo: Adrian Miedziński

This year eWinner 1. Eight teams will start in the league. For the first time in history, the Trans MF Landscat Devils team (winner of the 2nd Speedway League) was in this position, and after several seasons, Stelmet Fallopas Zilona Cora came behind PGE Extralica.

What will the Premier League games look like this year? Two teams are favorites for promotion: Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz and Stelmet Falubaz. Former Grand Prix Past Experienced Players: Kenneth Fijerre and Madage Jagger. Not to be forgotten are Daniel Jeleniewski and Adrian Miedziński, who came to the Polish community from Apator Toru.

The people of Zielona Góra, on the other hand, were able to keep Max Fricke in their ranks for whom the extra league clubs were striving. Krzysztof Buczkowski, an experienced Piotr Protasiewicz on Rohan Tungate and Speedway tracks, will start with Mickey Mouse in a blastrony.

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However, it is not a foregone conclusion that the question of promotion for PGE Extralica will be decided between Polonia and Falupas. Cellfast Wilkow Krosno, a team that reached the league final with a big surprise in the 2021 season can not be underestimated in any way.

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President Grzegorz Leśniak Jr. strengthened the formation, which last year was the Achilles heel of the citizens of Krosno. In addition, there was a change in the senior team – Rafas Corsmars took the place of Patrick Vojdila. All of this can surprise paper lovers by attacking wolves again from the back seat.

A specific question mark should be placed with the Orzel Łódź team. It is difficult to predict what the players of Adam Skornicki will do. In what form will Niels Christian Iverson, who has struggled with numerous injuries in recent years, be? Will Luke Becker repeat the results of last season that were the manifestation of the Premier League? Can Mateusz Dul compete equally with seniors again? There are many questions and we will learn the answers to them over time.

Apart from the Russians, the losing teams are Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk and ROW Rybnik. Both teams need to focus on keeping safe, rather than thinking about high positions. The relocation of Nikolai Clint could change the situation for one of the teams (we wrote about it Here)

Evinner 1. Liga starts this weekendEvinner 1. Liga starts this weekend

The Aforti Startu Gniezno lineup is impressive. During the transfer period the band first attracted others from the Polish capital with Michael Jebson Jensen or Ernest Kosa. After a gap of one year, Antonio Lindbeck returned to the Polish league. Gniezno’s team was selected for places at the bottom of the table, but it would not be surprising if manager Błażej Skrzeszewski reported in the group play – off stage.

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Cheap Leather will not sell eWinner of the 1st League this year – Trans MF Landshut Devils. The highlight of Sławomir Kryjom’s squad should be the three players who promoted the team from Germany a year ago. We talk about Dmitry Berg, Kai Hakenbeck and Martin Smolinsky. The Devils’ most important replacement is Mates Hanson, for whom it will be the first season of his career behind PGE Extralica. The track unknown to many players seems to be a big advantage for the Bavarian team.

It is also worth noting that the play-off rules have changed from this season. Now there will be six teams, not four teams as there were in recent years. After the main round the first team will go with the sixth, second fifth and third fourth team. The winners and losers, i.e. the team with the best balance, will advance to the semifinals.

This year eWinner 1. League matches will no doubt give the fans a lot of excitement. Broadcast from this stage of the competition will be available on the Canal + Sport 5 or Canal + online application. Text reports of all meetings will be provided by the WP SportoweFakty portal.

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Stelmet Falupas and Abramsic Polonia e-Winner 1. Will they advance to the league final?

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