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கசடு.  Peterson: Do not forget that this is our job.  No money available for sitting idle

கசடு. Peterson: Do not forget that this is our job. No money available for sitting idle

Two weeks ago, Nicki Pederson, who was involved in a fatal crash at the Denmark Speedway Ligan, no one expected him to return to the track at any time. Dane again shocked everyone with his attitude.

Dominica Jobeck

Nicky Peterson

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Konieczny / In Photo: Nicki Pederson

Despite considerable pain, the player of ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz decided to appear on June 5 during the match against Fogo Union Lesno. However, just before Sunday’s game, Dane checked his mood in Wednesday’s game of the Danish League, where he scored 11 points.

– The return to Sunday’s game is a priority, but I realized I could play in the Danish league before the start to test and see how my body works – said Nicki Pederson during the pre – match conference.

A three-time individual world champion, he has worked hard in recent times to get back on track. There is no denying that he will be a key part of the team in the upcoming fight between Union Lesno and GKM Krutsikats. The great news is that Nikki Pederson is the Polish fans who have been supporting Dane as much as possible lately.

– It’s a great feeling to get support, especially from the fans, but do not forget that this is our job. In this game, we get paid for points, not for sitting quietly. But this is not all about money. This is my passion, I like this game, I like my team, I want to support them – the player added.

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