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கசடு.  They will fight for promotion to the Grand Prix 2023.  In this group, two poles

கசடு. They will fight for promotion to the Grand Prix 2023. In this group, two poles

On Saturday, we learned about the last eight finalists of the Grand Prix Challenge – the event that selects the three contenders for the individual World Championship medals for the 2023 season.

Conrad Shinkowski

Dominic Kubera

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Chęć / In Photo: Dominic Kubera

Four tracks from three countries, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia, selected participants in the Grand Prix challenge. There were some surprises, unfortunately one of the biggest was the Polish representative – Patrick Dudek.

The resident of Zielona Góra did not win by elimination on the track in Abensberg, although a dozen or more hours ago he celebrated his victory during the Grand Prix in another German city, Tetro.

At this point, former world champion Chris Holder also lost and they were promoted for it. Guy Huckenbeck and Kim Nilsson. Anders Thomsen and winner of the round at PGE Narodowy in Warsaw – Max Fricke enter Salem from Abensberger Speedway Stadium.

Here are the results of the qualifying competition held in Abensberg.

Unsuccessful by the Holders’ senior, Jack Holder won the first of two matches on Hungarian soil. The contestant, among others, left Apator Toruń Szymon Woźniak, Andrzej Lebiediew and Rohan Tungate on the losing field for Nature Solutions.

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Here are the results of the qualifying competition held at Debrecen.

Martin Vaughan did not welcome and allowed only one point on Saturday afternoon, but did not win the entire match. Behind his back, Daniel Powell was able to bring him up. Like Lambert they both have to attack Salem. Rasmus Jensen had to work a little harder and only got his pass when he won the last start. If he had been second, he would have faced an additional battle with Peter Lung.

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The results of the qualifying competition at Żarnowica are available here.

On Saturday, the eyes of Polish fans focused on Hungarian soil, and especially on Nakihalass, who played for Dominic Kubera. The Pole lost unexpectedly to Slovenian Nick Scorza to Oliver Berndsen, but in the remaining races, the rivals saw his back, he entered the final of the tournament and will fight to prove himself among the best crackers in the world next season. . Glasgow needs the same goal: Oliver Berndson, David Bellego and Vaclav Milik.

Here are the results of the qualifying competition held at Nakihalasses.

Opsoda Grand Prix Challenge:
– Simon Woniak (Poland)
– Dominic Kubera (Poland)
– Max Frick (Australia)
– Jack Holder (Australia)
– Rohan Tungate (Australia)
– Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
– Daniel Powell (Great Britain)
– Kim Nilsson (Sweden)
– Oliver Berndsson (Sweden)
– Anders Thompson (Tania)
– Rasmus Jensen (Denmark)
– Kai Haqenbeck (Germany)
– Andrzej Lebediew (Latvia)
– Martin Vagulik (Slovakia)
– David Bellego (France)
– Vaklav Milik (Czech Republic)

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