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கசடு.  Union - Austrovia.  Pavlikki was shown a yellow card for his non-playful behavior!

கசடு. Union – Austrovia. Pavlikki was shown a yellow card for his non-playful behavior!

Piotr Pavlik was shown a yellow card by the referee for his non-sporting behavior after the heat six of the match between Fogo Unia Lesno and Arket Malasa Ostrov. After the race, the hosts had a big grudge against host Oliver Berndsen.

Michał Juraszek

Pyotr Pavlikki

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Brzózka / Photo: Piotr Pawlicki

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There was no shortage of emotions in the 6th heat match between Fogo Unia Leszno and Arged Malesa Ostrów. Tomasz Gapiński won the toss and elected to field Piotr Pawlicki, who was used by Oliver Berntzon to block the host.

Pavliki responded quickly and with a decisive attack he advanced ahead of Sweden at the start of the next lap. However, after the end of the race, he had a lot of hatred for the Austrovia Speedway Rider.

The two began arguing with each other as they landed in the parking lot, and the former captain of the Foko Union decided to slap his helmet lightly, much to his annoyance at the opponent’s attitude.

Competitors also warmed up in the park of machines where they were going to continue exchanging ideas. Eventually, the two were sent to their boxes, while the judge, seeing what he had done again, decided to punish Pyotr Pavlik with a yellow card for non-playful behavior.

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