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1 billion zlotys from EU funding for the PKP Intercity project

1 billion zlotys from EU funding for the PKP Intercity project

Thanks to the signed appendices to the financing agreements, the railway company will receive a total of 1 billion PLN from the European Union.

– Significant funds from the European Union, efficiently used by the beneficiary PKP Intercity, continue to contribute to the improvement of passenger travel comfort. The signed annexes that increase the volume of co-financing are another step towards improving Polish railways standards – said Joanna Lesch, Acting Director of the European Union’s Transport Projects Centre.

as part of From the Infrastructure and Environment Driver for years 2014-2020 PKP Intercity is currently being implemented two Strategic investment projects co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Cohesion Fund – “Railways of Good Communication – Modernization of wagons and locomotives for PKP Intercity SA” and “We speed comfortably – modernization of wagons and purchase of locomotives for PKP Intercity SA”.

I The total value is over 2,5 A total of 1 billion PLN.

The support of the European Union is very important in our investment activities. We can effectively implement a strategy aimed at modernizing the Express Park – explains Marek Kranik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PKP Intercity. Today, passengers travel in 335 wagons, which have been modernized thanks to EU funding. The support received so far from the EU Transport Projects Center for both projects, under the original level of funding, amounted to PLN 558 million out of PLN 654 million. This means that the company used co-financing at a level of 85% – Adds Thomas Guntars, PKP Intercity Board Member.

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Nearly 400 vehicles and locomotives funded by the European Union

of between it 60 Innovative and multifunctional carts combo Increasing rail access for people with disabilities, families with children and people traveling by bicycle, and 60 Cabin Trolleys First grade I undivided part Second row And the 125 wagons of the type 111A-20. These vehicles have been updated by Besa Bydgoszcz in union with Besa Minsk Mazoiki [dawniej: ZNTK Mińsk Mazowiecki]. In addition, Poznan Factory H. Cegielski . railway vehicles modern 90 wagons Second row. Co-funding also contributes to strengthening the PKP Intercity rolling stock park with 53 locomotives. in 2020 During the year, EU funds contributed to the financing of the purchase most recent w Poland Electric locomotive series EU160 Griffin. Vehicles are evolving at a speed of up to 160 km/h and running trains Intercity PKP throughout the country.

In addition, a contract for the update is under construction 13 Series diesel locomotives conversion SM42 It also adapts to driving trains passenger – The company has already picked up 6 such vehicles. The update task is also in progress 20 Electric locomotive series EU/EP07 that they Maximum speed increase that they 125 How many hours do 160 how many hours.

As part of projects Intercity PKP Also investing in parking stations around the area polishing. It has already been rebuilt curves w Olsztyn I Kolobrzeg. It’s currently running Comprehensive update Station Szczecin Zaleski Augiena bias w Krakow I started Compressed air network upgrade And the Installation update Water. They also continue modernization work by Inspection channels w locomotive shed we Wroclawwhere being built very Automatic washing of rolling stock. A similar car wash will also be built at the station Krakow Main West. parking station in in Warsaw enrich it Car wash washing equipment And the sub lathea Wroclaw It is being rebuilt Channels in the entire train hall And the Inspection channels w storehouse.

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z EU funding PKP Intercity bought 7 vehicles railway roadthat is used on Parking stations w GdyniaAnd the KrakowAnd the brazmil And the in Warsaw. Preparations are underway More infrastructure investment.

Source: PKP Intercity