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ZUS has completed the appraisal process.  164 billion PLN appeared in insurance accounts

ZUS has completed the appraisal process. 164 billion PLN appeared in insurance accounts

“On June 1 of each year, ZUS begins valuing the funds accumulated in the accounts and sub-accounts of the insured, including indexing the initial capital. Then the funds increase by a certain percentage. The number of insured persons) from the previous year. In turn, the indexing of the account The sub is a derivative of the dynamics of GDP growth over the past five years ”- the Social Insurance Corporation reported on its website.

Information on the valuation of ZUS accounts and sub-accounts back in electronic form

– In June, the balances of insured accounts, including retirement insurance contributions, increased by 5.41 percent, and the balances of sub-accounts by 5.23 percent. In total, the capital in the accounts of the insured increased by PLN 163,860,100,735, the head of ZUS A.D. Gertruda Uścińska, whose words were quoted by the portal As an example, the head of ZUS presented a case of a person whose version of the end of January of this year there were 450 thousand. Polish zlotys – in June 24.3 thousand will be added. PLN. – If anyone has 850,000. PLN in the form of contributions and initial capital, thanks to the appraisal, the account balance of this person increased by about 46 thousand. PLN – Uścińska added.

This year, as in the previous year, the insured will receive the relevant information not in paper form, but in electronic form via the electronic services platform. If the insured person requests it, information about the account balance of the insured person will be sent in paper form.

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