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The main Internet provider in Latin America accepts payments with Bitcoin

Latin American telecommunications and internet wholesaler GoldConnect already accepts payments using Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency. The organization has established an alliance with BitPay platform to process transactions using digital assets among its clients in the region.

according to Release Released this Tuesday, June 15, GoldConnect is looking for new corporate clients and diversifying its payment channels. To this end, it has created a new service called LatamConnect that will interact with BitPay to receive funds.

Highlight that GoldConnect You will not hold cryptocurrencies as a savings or investment mechanism. Conversely, BitPay will receive digital assets such as Bitcoin for example, and settle them with paper money, according to the company, which is headquartered in Weston, Florida, in the United States.

“We must continually adopt the latest technologies and business models to improve the interaction and experience for our customers.” Jeremy Villalobos, COO of GoldConnect, explained that BitPay manages the entire payment process to securely receive cryptocurrencies from the customer and deposit (money) cash into our account.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method

The company did not reveal what cryptocurrency it accepts, but it was Will try the same options as BitPay Provides support. The platform processes payments using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), BUSD, USDC, PAX, XRP, and DAI. Of all the digital assets available, nearly 90% of the transactions processed by the platform are in BTC, according to a report by CriptoNoticias in September last year.

With the decision to accept payments using Bitcoin, GoldConnect is meeting the growing demand for new, more flexible and easier-to-use methods. The application eliminates potential transaction fraud and reduces the cost of processing payments.

GoldConnect has operations in 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including: Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. It also offers network solutions, cloud computing, cyber security and data processing services.

payments with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are booming around the world. Even the digital wallet PayPal activated, in March of this year, payments with BTC in online stores on a global scale and within the United States. In addition, many companies in Spain and Latin America have already started accepting payments using digital assets.

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