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Farmers' Protest: Jeruni Blocks

Farmers’ Protest: Jeruni Blocks

Agronia farmers and activists by Micha Kołodziejczak began blocking the road from Władysławowo to Hel. It is meant to be a gesture of solidarity with the fishermen. The siege is to last until the 16th.

  • Farmers and fishermen demonstrating in the city of Wadisavowo. Close the access road to the Hill Peninsula شبه
  • They demand the implementation of the agreement between the government and the owners of recreational fishing, as well as the resumption of talks
  • The ban on cod fishing in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea also applies in 2021. The fishermen were due to receive compensation
  • They claim that their boats are in the ports, and that the money to repay the loans must be earned from abroad
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In cooperation with the police, only vehicles with premium services, such as ambulances, police cars, fire brigades and cars used by young children, are allowed to pass.