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Suspicious text messages regarding taxes - Ministry warns

Suspicious text messages regarding taxes – Ministry warns

The Ministry of Finance warns of another attempt at fraud in the tax office. Recipients receive text messages with false information in order to pay the overdue tax in a small amount – the Ministry of Finance explains in the statement.

The ministry notes that recipients receive SMS messages containing false information that the recipient has to pay the tax due in a small amount. “To convince recipients to pay, scammers send messages from a number identifying themselves as a “taxpayer”. There is a link to the site in the SMS – use it Threatens to take over a bank account by criminals – MF reported.

The ministry explained that in order to convince the SMS recipients to respond, the scammers threatened to refer the case to debt collection services if the recipient did not pay the “tax”. The text of the SMS contained a link to a website where the alleged arrears could be paid.

The text contains links to fake websitesمواقع

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