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Ebay introduces new payment options with Klarna

Ebay introduces new payment options with Klarna

Ebay and Klarna announced a strategic collaboration. This provides users of the auction platform with new and flexible payment options.

US online auction house Ebay and Swedish financial services provider Klarna are entering into a strategic partnership. Both companies announced this. The goal: to offer customers new and more convenient payment options.

Buyers on Ebay can now access some of Klarna’s payment services through a collaboration. Among other things, purchases can now be paid on account or in installments. Previously, Klarna only offered the option to teleport to the platform.

Consumers want new payment options

According to both companies, on-account and installment payments now allow customers to make their purchases with greater flexibility, so they can choose between paying for their purchases directly or at a later date. New options were also introduced at the request of many customers.

“We are constantly in touch with buyers on eBay and incorporate their desires into the design of our platform. […] This is why we are thrilled with the new strategic partnership with Klarna,” says Oliver Klink, Vice President at Ebay Germany.

For Klarna, collaboration primarily means opening new customer bases. Additionally, one wants to make users aware of a variety of different payment options.

“Through our strategic partnership with eBay, we are now able to further improve the shopping experience by offering Klarna payment options to millions of customers,” explains Jani Tyyni, Head of Northern and Central Europe at online auction house Klarna.

New payment options will be introduced in phases. In the first few weeks, these offers will only be offered by select retailers, but throughout the year Ebay plans to make the new payment options widely available at the vast majority of retailers on the platform.

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