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American Consumer Magazine Discovers Serious Flaws in Tesla's "Autopilot"

American Consumer Magazine Discovers Serious Flaws in Tesla’s “Autopilot”

The influential US consumer magazine Consumer Reports reported serious shortcomings in the “autopilot” driver assistance program from electric car manufacturer Tesla. On a test run, engineers on the Model Y were able to use the software despite an empty driver’s seat, Consumer Reports announced Thursday. The system did not issue any warnings or notifications. The newspaper said that such a scenario would pose a “grave danger” to public roads.

A Consumer Reports investigation continues to put Tesla under stress after an accident with an empty driver’s seat, according to police reports, in which two men were recently killed. Tesla itself indicates to customers that the so-called autopilot is merely an assistance system and that the person in the driver’s seat should keep their hands on the wheel at all times. In fact, the program should notice this and issue warning tones if this is not the case.

Yeah In testing by Consumer Reports In the event the alleged system failed not only to ensure that the driver was able to drive the steering wheel at all times – according to the report, it was not even able to determine if the driver’s seat was occupied at all. “Tesla lags behind other automakers such as General Motors and Ford when it comes to models with advanced driver assistance programs that use technology that ensures the driver can monitor the road,” said Consumer Reports expert Jake Fischer.

A statement from Tesla was not initially available. The electronic car manufacturer of star entrepreneur Elon Musk has long been pressured to justify itself over the term “autopilot”. Critics find the name exaggerated which may lead to neglected use. This discussion must continue to gain momentum. Because Tesla calls even the next evolutionary phase of the program, which is currently in the testing phase, “fully autonomous driving,” although it remains an assist system by current standards.

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