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New investor in Jaworzno |  Jaworznik community portal -

New investor in Jaworzno | Jaworznik community portal –


What do you do Krantrak hayab Olske?

We serve, among others, hydraulic jacks, forest cranes, hook and bridge cranes, as well as pallets. We are the representative of the famous Scandinavian company Cargotec. We serve clients not only from Silesia, but also from Malopolska, so the location in Jaworzno is very helpful for us. In the new headquarters, in addition to the service, we will provide professional installation of reloading equipment on the chassis – says Piotr Płonka, the owner of the company.

On a plot of land of 8000 m2 Located in the second industrial zone, a production and service hall will be built, where reloading equipment (cranes, elevators, pallets) will be assembled and serviced on the truck chassis. The facility will also have an administrative office, a social segment, and a warehouse

Our plans include building a new headquarters and expanding activities to a new site by installing equipment on the truck’s chassis. We currently have a small enterprise mode and employ 10 people. After expanding the factory, we plan to increase the employment in proportion to the needs related to the wider new range of activities – Piotr says Płonka.

Soon on the plot in the Mujahideen. Lima, production and service hall of about 1000 square meters2 . A large maneuvering area will be built next to the hall for vehicle tests, which will be handled by the company.

A new investor will come to Jaworzno thanks to the municipality’s cooperation with the Katowice Special Economic Zone. The company’s planned capital expenditures amount to 3.6 million PLN. The company is also expected to increase employment opportunities compared to the current situation.

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Photo: UM Jaworzno

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