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Lexus Electrified Sport - New Sport Model Coming Soon

Lexus Electrified Sport – New Sport Model Coming Soon

According to the Japanese, the Lexus Electrified Sport embodies the spirit of the iconic LFA, but this time the company will show its result much faster than its predecessor. The latest coupe was already revealed during the presentation of the electric strategy by Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation in December 2021. Now is the time for its first show in Europe.

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What will the Lexus Electrified Sport look like?

Lexus wants to offer cars with outstanding performance and unique suspension systems that are fun to drive. Is it even possible? The new car looks promising. The Lexus Electrified Sport prototype has sports car proportions and is low on attachment. Handling and performance are set to take the Lexus Driving Signature concept to the next level.

what does that mean? The company announced that the car will accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just over two seconds, and its range will exceed 700 km. In addition, the Japanese brand promises that the handling and performance of the electric sports car will reflect the sensations and emotions that the LFA model provides. The Asian manufacturer also announced that the production version of this car could be equipped with a battery with a solid electrolyte.

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