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16.5% of sales were online – El Financiero

Editing The Good End 2021 Reported 31 thousand 731 million pesos in Online sales, to which they contributed 16.5 percent of Good End 2021’s total income, according to the Mexican Sales Association Connected (AMVO).

“Because this is the second edition in the midst of the pandemic, the digital channel has continued to solidify, and this year nearly three in ten buyers have purchased a product or service for the first time at El Buen Fin and from this sector, 40 percent have used the channel. digital for the first time.

El Buen Fin has attracted 55 percent of Internet users Mexicans who claimed to have bought something during the campaign.

Also, 70 percent of all consumers who participated in the campaign said they had purchased something that combined physical and online stores. Overall, only 33 percent of consumers bought Internet.

Online purchases recorded 30.5 million transactions, of which 65 percent were billed with a credit card and 35 percent were at a discount. The average ticket purchase in e-commerce was 914.14 pesos.

According to AMVO, only 29 percent of shoppers have had trouble purchasing.

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