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Polish new deal. Pensioners have doubts. This will surprise them – O2

The law and justice program, called the Polish New Deal, aims to revolutionize — and so is in pensions. Beneficiaries can expect huge changes that have surprised them positively. Of course, there is also a large group of retirees who do not like the Polish New Deal because they will lose out because of it.

Changes will come in early 2022. Then the majority of retirees will receive greater benefits.

Polish new deal. Annuities without tax. How many pensions in 2022?

For example: a person who has received PLN 1000 in benefits so far will receive a pension of PLN 1064.44 in 2022. Monthly recipients of PLN 1500 will now receive PLN 1621.01. These benefits are tax-free pensions.

Beneficiaries will receive a larger amount up to a maximum of PLN 4005.89, as they have received PLN 4,000 so far. For a jump of PLN 500, which was PLN 4,500 so far, the state will give PLN 4,458.49 to retirees. So the difference is PLN 41.41.

The same will happen in the group of pensioners who have so far received a pension of PLN 5,000. Now this amount will be less, i.e. 4,911.04 PLN, so the lowest PLN will be 88.96.

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The above calculations were made on the basis of the FKT graphs. Głos Wielkopolski also added – 65 percent. Retirees will receive higher benefits in 2022.


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