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20 Years of Star Academy: What happened to Edward’s ex-Elodie Friege?

Nostalgia lovers star Academy On November 13, you will have the opportunity to review the highlights of Season 3, which was won by the beautiful Elodie Frégé. A student’s heart beat for the mysterious Edward during their adventures in the castle.

The debate has continued since the broadcast of the first dedicated twenty-year installment of star Academy : What is the best season of Telehawk? If the second edition, won by Nolwenn Leroy in the background of an elegant bazaar, captured the majority of votes, then the third edition also had its share of followers, excited by the heterogeneous cast of this promotion. Elodie Frégé and Sofia Essaïdi did not steal the orange but the show from the other students, who had content themselves with the tin. a little like certainty Edward Algayon is as good a musician as he is a poor singer. Dark brown did not scare her, and he is very happy to be able to continue the adventure until his elimination in the sixth prime. Elodie Frégé’s dismissal of this student of musicology was a heartbreaking thing, and not only was she seduced by the talents of the guitarist to “crush” her at Dammarie-les-Lys Castle.

One foot in music and the other in pizza

As with Bachelor Gian Marco Taffani or actor Gregory Fitossi, the wonderful translator of below the beltWho the production didn’t want during casting, rubbed his shoulders with this artist who joined the band of show musicians until the end of the applause. Since then, viewers have recognized him in a number of Mysterious duo Fly with wings and cooperate With many big names from the French and international scene (Gerald de Palmas, Zaz, Phil Collins, Celine Dion, Florent Bagni) As with internationally recognized brands (Sephora, Nescafe). In order to put fresh basil on his margherita, he embarked on the restaurant business and developed a Parisian pizzeria franchise that he and his wife admired. Another chord on his guitar, always well tuned.

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