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20,000 health bracelets distributed in Lille



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To facilitate the checks, a bracelet that serves as a health permit in Lille (North) has been placed in bars and restaurants. Enterprise managers as well as clients seem to be pleased with this.

In a bar in downtown Lille (North), a bracelet is distributed after each health traffic control. The system, designed to simplify controls, is used by about fifteen organizations. “In prime time, it will make things easier for us because (…) we know we asked him [le pass]As it was put on the bracelet.”Explains Isaac Nicholas, bar manager. To avoid fraud, the bracelet changes color every day and the name of the restaurant is indicated on it.

Customers seem to welcome the news. “It allows them to do their job properly, quietly, even for customers, so that they don’t bother all the time to take out the sewer lane”Someone believes. 20,000 bracelets have already been ordered in Lille, at the initiative of the city sales group. At less than 5 cents a bracelet, the goal was also to cushion the blows of merchants. If the North Prefecture agrees to the bracelet system, it states that it does not replace the health card in case the bracelets are checked by the police.