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2022 World Cup Qualifying Round.  Poland beat Andorra and advanced to the play-offs.  Cash’s debut, Lewandowski’s double

2022 World Cup Qualifying Round. Poland beat Andorra and advanced to the play-offs. Cash’s debut, Lewandowski’s double

On November 12, Piolo-Cervoni began fighting again. This time they faced the Andorians and they played hard, but in the end our team had no problem. However, there was a tense moment.

Andorra – Poland Red card and two quick goals

The game started in a different way. Fifteen seconds have passed and we have already seen the referee show the red card. Fortunately, it was spotted by one of our opponents, who was attacked by Kamil Click after the first whistle.

The Biało-Czerwoni advantage was used very quickly. After a few short passes, Jilinsky went to Joshua on the right, and he played slower to Lewandowski in this zone. The Bayern sniper struck from an extreme angle and defeated the goalkeeper. After a few minutes it was 2: 0. This time it turned out to be a key pendulum. Frankowski made an assist, while Joviac attacked the net after a subtle throw from the RC lens.

World Championship Qualification 2022. Emotions at the end of the first half

Although the Poles dominated their rivals all the time, they could not translate it into more goals. They certainly don’t have the movement and speed and focus in playing ball. Shortly before the end of the first leg, Andorra scored the contact goal after a cross. Although many players from both teams jumped on the ball, no one crossed the path of the ball, which surprised Skisney as well. However, Sousa’s response to the allegations was quick and before the break for 3: 1, Milik scored after Lewandowski’s pass.

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Cash’s debut, Lewandowski’s double

The picture of the match did not change much after the break. Millick, who scored in the net, was in excellent condition, but shortly afterwards the judge overturned the victory. Olympic striker Marseille saw himself as a minimal offside. Until the 70th minute, the most interesting event of the match was the introduction of Mattie Cash. Susa gave him just two and a half hours to present his talents to the Polish fans. His activity on the right side may be happy.

In the end, Biało-Czerwoni faced another blow. He fell from a corner kick to Jilinsky’s cross. Lewandowski was positioned in the close post, he didn’t exactly get in the air and give the goalkeeper a chance. We didn’t see much scoring, so Poland finally won 4–1 with Andorra.

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