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35% of Poland’s population will be within the 5G network at the end of July –

The operator said Play assumes it will have 2,576 5G-enabled transmitters at the end of July 2021, which will cover 35% of the Polish population.

“Play Network uses Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) solution to allocate new C-band blocks. Thanks to this innovative technology, Play applies 5G based on its frequency resources in the 2100MHz band” – reads the release.

Play 5G launched in January 2020, and is currently completing the next phase of extensive network expansion.

“By the end of July this year. It will have 2,576 5G transmitters which will cover 35% of the country’s population. Customers will be able to experience the latest technology in more than 700 cities. Thanks to this, Play will become the largest 5G network in Poland “- we also read.

According to Play, dynamic spectrum sharing enables operator base stations to analyze data transmission in a given area on an ongoing basis. Depending on the traffic, they can flexibly divide the band between LTE and 5G technologies in such a way that they use them as effectively as possible, that is, provide customers with the best connection parameters, regardless of their type. This allows you to operate both technologies on the same frequency – LTE and 5G.

Our activities focus on providing customers with the convenience of using a modern network. It is the innovative solutions and development of our network, including 5G technology, across the country that allow users to enjoy better communication parameters. Our network activities are the hard and consistent work of our specialists, which is not at the forefront, but is important from the perspective of our customers and is certainly felt in the daily use of a smartphone, tablet or home router ”- said Board Member and Technical Director of Play Michał Ziółkowski.

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The operator is also awaiting the UKE’s announcement of the auction of the 3.6 GHz frequency for 5G (the so-called C-band) and is ready for further investment in the development of its latest infrastructure.

Play Communications owns 100% of the shares in P4 (Play), Play’s mobile operator. The company was listed on WSE from July 2017 to April 2021.

Source: ISBnews