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7 tips to avoid falling in love with a fake financial institution

7 tips to avoid falling in love with a fake financial institution

How do impersonators act?

According to Condusef and the complaints it receives, they generally do the following:

1. Affected people say that Someone contacts them on the phone or through social networks that offer them instant creditsWith few requirements and small monthly installments to make it attractive.

2. They use the information As company name, addresses, phone numbers and company image (logos) for duly licensed and registered financial entities to impersonate them.

3. They ask their victims to send their personal information Via WhatsApp, putting your personal data at risk.

4. They demand an advance of money in cash or by deposit in a bank account for the presumed purpose of its management, or to make monthly payments, to pay opening expenses or as a security deposit, Generally for the equivalent of 10% of the total amount of credit requiredWhich can range from one thousand to two hundred thousand pesos.

5. However, When victims make a deposit to the indicated account, they do not receive the credit It is impossible to locate the promoters. It’s when they find out they’ve been cheated.

How to avoid falling in love with a replaced financial institution?

So that you are not surprised by this type of practice, Condusef recommends keeping the following in mind:

  • Avoid contracting loans or credits where you have to make advance payments for any reason.

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