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How to Avoid Spam Inside TikTok

How to Avoid Spam Inside TikTok

FILE PHOTO: The TikTok app’s logo appears on a mobile screen in this illustration taken on February 21, 2019. REUTERS / Danish Siddiqui

tik tok It is one of the most used social networks today, therefore, the type of content that will be created is almost unpredictable as the minutes go by.

Although the TikTok algorithm is well known for its accuracy when determining each user’s tastes, sometimes Not everything that appears is favourites to whoever sees it.

The vast majority of cases where someone is a new user to the platform and has just downloaded the app, tends to be A wave of videos of all kinds of tastes To find out what this person who launches his online presence might like.

Either because you want to help TikTok learn or remember what you like, or simply because you found The content you always prefer to avoidThe platform provides options to facilitate this work.

Although not many people know about it, TikTok offers an option for “Dislike” For videos you never liked and content you’d rather keep off your networks. Although it’s not straightforward “I don’t like it”, it is actually the choice I do not care.

If you want to use this option to hide the content you don’t like, just follow these steps:

1. Press and hold The video you don’t like.

2. Will appear Popup menu This will allow you to save the video, add it to your favourites, flag it or say that you are simply not interested. In this case, tap “I do not care”.

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3. After that, you will have a choice Hide this user’s videos or hide videos that use this audio.

This last option in particular can be useful if you simply I’m tired of a certain audio trackEither because the lyrics or the tone are annoying or because it’s boring to watch the same type of videos over and over again.

The option to hide a user’s videos is private, it is mainly intended if a user is found whose type of content they create is usually not interesting or to the taste of the user, however It will completely disappear from recommendations provided by the platform.

It should be clarified that all these options are for content that he does not like simply because it is not part of the user’s tastes. However, in the event that the content is truly considered offensive or attacks another user of the platform, it is recommended Take advantage of the reporting option the video.

It must be remembered that this is not the only option that the platform offers for content customization. TikTok also has an option Change profile name and username For those people who are already tired of seeing the same name on their screen or just want to choose a more recognizable option when creating content

Of course, for those who want to change their name, they have to wait at least 30 days In the event that you want to make such a modification again, then it is advisable to choose something that you will not regret later.

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So far, TikTok is still very strong among users, but new options like reels have arrived Instagram, shorts Youtube And even new apps like Kwai, part of the new challenges facing this platform.

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