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Fisker designed an electric van for Pope Francis

Fisker designed an electric van for Pope Francis

Fisker reports that the electric papamobile is based on the upcoming Ocean SUV. A project of Pope Francis Introduced by designers Henrik Fisker and Geeta Gupta FiskerMarried to Fisker and co-founder of Fisker Inc. As you can see, it’s simply this company’s Ocean SUV with the appropriate dome that the Pope will be staying in.

Interestingly, the “papal cell phones” so far Created by concern Mercedes-Benz. They also had to meet the appropriate standards for bulletproof glass and to strengthen the body. It is not yet known how the Vatican will benefit from Fisker’s work, as the Holy See has not yet issued any official memorandum on the topic.

Photo: Fisker

When it comes to interesting new-gen cars, Arthur McLaren has made an official appearance recently – The company’s first hybrid supercar. The Tesla Railroad, which is the S Plaid electric vehicle, likely prepared a retractable spoiler for this vehicle. The car will be very fast, because it will accelerate to 300 km / h.

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