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The dangers of glyphosate.  Bayer pays $ 25 million to a man diagnosed with cancer

The dangers of glyphosate. Bayer pays $ 25 million to a man diagnosed with cancer

Court of Appeals California Friday verdict confirmed to Monsanto, Owned by the German group Bayer, In the process started by a retiree Cancer patient Which is attributed to the use of herbicides round up., Contains Glyphosate.

This is the the third time German pharmacist You should pay compensation for damage Because of a product Contains glyphosate.

Appellate court San Francisco Refused to review a case Edwin Hardman, As requested BayerAnd they confirmed the group’s ruling on Pay $ 25 million In damages and interest a leg.

Hardman, who was diagnosed with A. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma In 2015, he argues that the regular use of Herbicide based on Glyphosate Cause him Illness.

The judges upheld the District Court’s ruling in favor of Edwin Hardman in his lawsuit claiming that Pesticides round up from Monsanto Cause him LymphomaAs stated in the decision, which reminds that “since 2015, there have been thousands of victims cancer Drove to Monsanto Before both state and federal courts. “

This Friday’s ruling indicates that the district court correctly dismissed the appeal Monsanto Since the evidence showed that the risk Carcinogen From Glyphosate It was known when Hardman was exposed to the product.

On first appeal in July 2019, aggrieved person’s compensation was revised downwards. A preliminary ruling was agreed in March 2019 $ 80 million To the complainant, an amount that has been reduced to 25 million, 5 million to compensate and 20 million in damage punitive.

Edwin Hardman He was one of the first plaintiffs to drive to Monsanto Before justice, pointing out Herbicide That he used for 25 years on his property as a provocation cancerAnd accuse the group Monsanto To mislead users by claiming that Glyphosate They are harmless.

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Monsanto Always argued that no study has concluded dangerous Glyphosate And from round upWhich was released in the seventies group Bayer Bought from Monsanto In 2018 for $ 63 billion.

The group was disappointed with Friday’s ruling and said it would continue to consider “all legal options, including referring the case to the Supreme Court.”

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