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The winning coupon amounting to $ 26 million has been laundered in the lottery

2021-05-16 09:00

2021-05-16 09:00

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A California resident claims to have destroyed the winning state’s $ 26 million lottery ticket in the laundry, ABC News reports Friday. The woman tries to recoup the gains, and if she fails to do so, the money will be diverted to public education.

Winner of the November 14, 2020 raffle draw, the voucher was purchased at a convenience store in a Los Angeles suburb of Gas Station. Thursday was the last day you could apply for the award.

As a store assistant told local media, a woman appeared Wednesday claiming to have bought the lucky coupon, but later put it in the pocket of the pants that fell into the sink. The coupon has been destroyed.

The store manager confirmed that the woman is known to the employees and there is a monitoring recording that shows the moment her coupon was sold. A copy of the tape was handed over to California lottery staff for investigation.

But the lottery spokeswoman admitted that the registration itself was not enough to acknowledge a woman’s victory. In the event of loss or destruction of fate, the game organizer requires reliable proof of possession, such as a photo.

Profits of $ 26 million can be withdrawn in annual installments or $ 19.7 million can be withdrawn immediately. If the win is not recognized, the money goes to state education. The store where the lucky ticket was purchased will get 130,000. Dollar Rewards (PAP)

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