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A 70-year-old woman won a big prize – celebrate it with a lottery ticket and win again

A 70-year-old woman won a big prize – celebrate it with a lottery ticket and win again

The woman, who is from the US state of Delaware, bought her first winning lottery ticket at a gas station near Newark. For seven years, she then played the Delaware lottery and now won the highest prize, $100,000 – the equivalent of 1.1 million Swedish kronor. It was the women’s biggest win so far, He writes for USA Today.

My best friend was the first to know about the win and had to come with me when I picked it up, says the woman in a statement from the lottery company.

On their way home after collecting the winnings, they decide to celebrate. They drove to a store where the woman bought three new lottery tickets. When she comes home and scratches her lottery ticket, it turns out she’s won another major prize, now $300,000.

– My best friend and I sat and stared, not believing our eyes. It was totally crazy, says the woman.

She and her best friend had to go through the same round again for another big win. The woman plans to deposit most of the total $400,000 into her pension fund, according to USA Today.

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