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Delhi Toxic Smog Blankets – Schools closed

Delhi Toxic Smog Blankets – Schools closed

– I feel that if I stay here for a month, I will be hospitalized, says Rahul Azmera, who lives in the United States and is in Delhi to visit his parents.

According to Azmera, visibility in the capital is poor due to all the smog.

Factories and construction sites were closed again, Friday, while diesel vehicles were restricted and water sprinklers were deployed to combat the smog.

In addition, the local government in Delhi has decided to close primary schools and restrict outdoor activities for older children. Pollution is considered dangerous according to the air quality index of the global measurement system, which is ten times higher than what is considered the threshold of levels dangerous to health.

The country’s Environment Minister Bhubandar Yadav has blamed the burning of crop residues in the northern state of Punjab.

“No doubt about who turned Delhi into a gas chamber,” he wrote on Twitter.

If pollution levels do not decrease by the end of the week, a larger community shutdown could become relevant, according to the government.

India’s capital – with a population of about 20 million – tops the lists of unwanted pollution almost every year. The situation is usually at its worst during the winter.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi previously said India’s goal is to stop adding new greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by 2070 – two decades after the US target.