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A failed delivery attempt – and therefore the package does not arrive from UPS – works

A failed delivery attempt – and therefore the package does not arrive from UPS – works

On rusty cars with bad tires, a UPS driver can be expected to park more than 100 days. In order to save time, they are asked to cheat and say that they went to customers who had never been to them before.

The method is confirmed by written material that the business has seen and works in the following way:

When a driver does not arrive in time to deliver a package, they should not register it in the system I couldn’t do it. Instead, the driver must select the option The client is not at home or Failed delivery attempt.

Instead, undelivered packages return to the hub, or are delivered to a postal agent — the “access point” in UPS parlance.

Didn’t try to reach out

Saying that you, as a driver, are fully loaded is unacceptable because it may lead to bad statistics.

– I know a driver who recently did this with 40 packages. No attempt was made to reach customers. It’s all to make the numbers look good, says Nuno Blomqvist, a driver for UPS in Vasteras.

Nuno Blomqvist, a UPS driver in Vasteras delivers a package.

Meanwhile, UPS employees attest to an extremely stressful work environment. During the day, the driver must make up to 100 stops. The vehicle must leave up to 250 packages.

This means each stop can take just over four minutes. During that time, the driver should have enough time to drive to the address, park the vehicle, unload the package and meet the customer. Then there is no time for a break or lunch.

Poor security

Car safety is also subject to all criticism, according to drivers. Driver Walter Sandberg has a red-flagged car with worn tires and rusty bumpers. When he refused to drive it, his boss gave it to other drivers instead.

– People drive out nervously in unsafe cars. He says UPS talks a lot about security, but it’s a showroom game.

UPS driver Walter Sandberg.

According to Arbetet’s information, fraud in parcel deliveries has occurred in several parts of the country. Including Vasteras, Jönköping and Stockholm.

In public comment, UPS responded that the company works closely with unions and that safety is always a priority. When asked about the fraud, Andrew Hansen, director of communications for EMEA, replied that the packages were expected to be delivered in accordance with the agreement.

“Of course, we expect our employees to deliver packages according to sender and recipient instructions. This sometimes includes leaving them in a secure location, such as a UPS access point,” he wrote in an email.

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