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A Russian battalion sank in an attack on the Donets River

The Russian attempt to cross the Donets River ended in ruin.

About 50 military vehicles are said to have been destroyed and it is estimated that up to 1,000 soldiers were killed when Ukraine attacked.

“Some were allowed to swim in the river, others were burned in the May sun,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry wrote on Twitter.

Russian troops were caught when they attempted to cross the river on a makeshift pontoon – and ended up under intense attack.

Pictures from the site show destroyed vehicles along the riverbank and how two bridges sank into the water.

However, the extent of the devastation remains unclear The Times writes That about 50 vehicles, including tanks, boats, and other armored vehicles, were estimated to have been destroyed and that as many as 1,000 soldiers may have been killed in the attack.

In one fell swoop Ukraine Eliminate one or even two Russia About 100 battalions in the country.

He added that “the personnel of the Ukrainian army began the festive season for the Russian forces. Some were allowed to swim in the river and others burned in the May sun,” the Defense Ministry wrote. on Twitter.

Several failed attempts

According to a Ukrainian defense source, the goal of the Russians was to strike the city of Lyman, which has a population of about 20 thousand and is less than 30 kilometers from the failed river crossing.

The images show burning tanks along the riverbank and in the surrounding terrain.

Donets begins in the south of Russia, continues in eastern Ukraine and then returns to Russia. The river flows from west to east between the breakaway regions Donetsk Luhansk in Ukraine.

Russia has made several attempts to cross the river recently, CNN Reports. And the TV channel, based on satellite images, was able to announce the destruction of at least three bridges this week, which caused great losses to the Russian army.

– We appreciate that the Russian ground forces in Donbass slow and uneven. A US defense source said, on Tuesday, that Russia’s inability to cross rivers may explain this slowdown.

Bridges over the Donets River were destroyed.

forced to retreat

Great Britain Ministry of Defense That Russian losses were recently forced to retreat around Kharkiv.

“Despite the initial success of Russia in encircling Kharkiv, there are now reports that it has withdrawn military units from the region to reorganize and collect energy after heavy losses,” the ministry continued.

“The withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kharkiv region is a tacit recognition of their inability to take control of important cities in Ukraine, where they expected limited resistance from the population.”

“Incredibly bad discipline”

Ukraine blew up several major bridges in the eastern part of the country in an attempt to derail Russia’s plan to encircle Ukrainian forces in Donbass, according to William Alberck, head of the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Weapons at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. in London. NBC Reports.

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“Then Russia built this pontoon bridge, which created a bottleneck with a lot of equipment,” he told the TV channel.

He points out that Ukraine is using geographical conditions to strike Russia.

At the same time, he questions the actions of the Russians.

Having so many vehicles in such a limited space near the Ukrainian forces shows very poor discipline on the part of the Russians, says William Alberkey.