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Fires in Greece are on the rise |  SVT News

Fires in Greece are on the rise | SVT News

Fires erupted in Greece at the same time as the country was swept by a heat wave in which temperatures exceeded 40 degrees. The high pressure is expected to last for ten days. More than 140 fires have been reported in woodland and tree areas in the past three days, according to fire department spokesperson Yiannis Artopoyus.

Olympia Varozonen

Several towns near the archaeological sites of ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese were evacuated Sunday at a brisk pace as the fires intensified.

About a hundred firefighters are battling the fires, and they have about 40 fire engines, four planes and four helicopters to help them. However, the northwest wind is a positive sign, as the fires are moving away from the historical temple areas.

Olympia is located about 30 miles southwest of the capital, Athens.

A fire broke out on the island of Lesbos near the village of Vatera in the southern part of the island on Saturday morning. About 450 people were evacuated from two hotels and about 90 vacation homes. During Sunday, the flames crept closer to the nearby village of Frisa.

About 30 or so from Sweden

Currently, Ving and Apollo charter companies together have about 30 passengers on Lesbos, but in another part of the island is some distance from the fire.

— but of course we are following the evolution, says Anna Hagberg, Ving to TT press spokeswoman.

Apollo spokeswoman Sandra Miller King said they are working with authorities to stay informed.

Forest fires are common in the Mediterranean and are good at dealing with them, she says.

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– The last information we received is that they are working on fire and the development has not gone wrong.

Burns in several places

The largest fire in Greece has hit areas in the northeastern part of the country near the border with Turkey. The fire has been raging for several days and is threatening Dadia National Park with its famous pine trees and colonies of condors.

More than 300 firefighters and a number of planes and helicopters have been deployed to tackle the flames, while a few hundred loggers are on the run.