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Today’s NATO Security Policy Analysis is presented

Today’s NATO Security Policy Analysis is presented

The government initiated a cross-party investigation on 16 March. The deliberations were led by Foreign Minister Anne Lindh (S), and Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist (S) also participated.

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Several messages appear that may affect Sweden’s position on NATO.

gave on Thursday Finland’s President and Prime Minister announced They considered that Finland should accede to the defense pact “without delay”.

Finland’s role can be important for Sweden, as we work closely with our neighbors on defense issues. Finland’s Social Democrats will give notice on Saturday, and on Sunday Sweden’s Social Democrats, which have historically opposed membership, are expected to announce their decision.

Several prominent social democrats have already said that they are inclined to change their position on this issue, including Former Secretary of State Margot Wallstr√∂mSo does Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist Suggest it for DNwith “there is one before February 24 and one after”, the date on which Russia entered Ukraine.

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Therefore, Sweden has few other alternatives than NATO if Finland joins

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