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A scandal over World Cup jumping.  The Russian changed his pants and then gestured.  Immediate intervention

A scandal over World Cup jumping. The Russian changed his pants and then gestured. Immediate intervention

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Ski jumping competition is held in Lahti, Finland. On Saturday, during the group match, there was a vague gesture. The Russian jumper waved his hand towards the camera after two attempts. No wonder his country does not have an extra flag rêkawiczce. In principle, the participant’s equipment should be stamped with his or her country colors only on the helmet. This time it was more than that. The gesture was considered suspicious. The day before, Zakub Palsersky noticed that there was no extra embroidery on the player’s gloves. The case was referred to the FIS. Polish journalists saw the “congratulations” sent by the athlete to Vladimir Putin. Now the Russian media is accusing him of corruption.

A Russian ski jumper waving the Russian flag

Suddenly changing gloves with flags sounds like a provocation. While Yevgeny Klimov was making a suspicious gesture, Vladimir Putin’s forces were attacking the Ukrainians. The situation is not clear, but the time to replace the equipment is unfortunate. The rules for Russians and Belarusians to take part in the tournament have changed since Saturday, reported.

On Saturday, the rules regarding the participation of Russian players in the World Cup were changed. The International Skiing Federation has decided that Russians can compete to represent their country, but if the Russians have a stage or victory, they should not show the Russian flag or play the Russian anthem at the ceremony. These should be replaced by the FIS flag and anthem.

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The Russian media took the field. The site hopes that political sentiments will change into visible frustration during matches. In an article dedicated to the invention, the Russians blame the poles.

The Polish media has caused a stir over the almost invisible event at the Sky Jumping World Cup in Lahti, Finland. During the group match, the head of the Russian national team Yevgeny Klimov waved his hand in front of the camera after his rehearsal. At the same time, the Russian flag was embroidered on our athlete’s glove. The Poles link this gesture to the politics and events in Ukraine and demand that Klimo be brought to justice. But is it possible to interpret the rules of Evgeny’s act as cynical disregard, as the Poles demand?

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