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The Voice Kids 5 - Reboots, Online, Broadcast on TVP 2.  When and at what time?

The Voice Kids 5 – Reboots, Online, Broadcast on TVP 2. When and at what time?

Author: DVB

The fifth edition of The Voice Kids concert began on Saturday, February 26, 2022. As always, coaches can be found in the seats: Cleo, David Kvyatkovsky, as well as Thomson and Baron. The premiere episodes will air on Saturdays, what about re-recordings? Check when to watch replay on TV and online.

The Voice Kids 5 – Replace. Want to see when and at what time? On Saturday, February 26, 2022, the next, fifth edition of the concert began. Young participants appeared on stage, seducing coaches and spectators in front of TV sets. One of them joins the group of winners in previous editions. Recall that so far the main prize went to Roksana Węgiel, Anika Dąbrowska, Marcin Maciejczak and Sara Egwu-James. Who’s next? We will find out after all the stages.

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Voice children: Cleo, a woman who is not afraid of any work


The Voice Kids – Are you a fan of the show?

Voice children 5 – powtórki

When and where to watch the rerun of The Voice Kids 5? The premiere episodes will be available on TVP 2 every Saturday at 20:00. The reruns will air Sunday at 11:40 p.m. The program can be viewed online via the site.

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The Voice Kids 5 – The Thomson & Barons Team. Participants in the doubles team