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A star with “Swik”. There is a continuation

The new “director” of MMA-VIP was recently the famous head of the Pruszkow gang, the pseudonym Andrzej Zieliński. “Nightingale”. – I wanted to give him a chance to get back to normal – says Marcin Nejman.


Twitter / Marcin Nejman (left) introduced Andrzej, the new head of his organization

On Saturday, a press conference was held for MMA-VIP. Marcin Nejman introduced the new head of his organization. This is Andrzej “Słowik” Zieliński, the famous gangster who headed the Pruszków gang – once the largest organized criminal group in Poland.

– There will be no poles in our organization. Behind the organization of MMA VIP is its boss – a star boast.

The decision caused quite a stir, as there were plenty of critical comments after Saturday’s press conference. Speak: Journalist Krzysztof Stanovsky.

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Negm explained the reasons for his decision to work with Swick. He did this while recording on his YouTube channel.

– What have I not read, which I deal with? As if flawless people wrote themselves. And do you remember that the Pope forgave his would-be murderer Ali Agca, and remember that Jesus forgave two thieves? It seems to me that we have come to the same moment – “El Testosteron” said.

– I was expecting a torrent of negative comments, but I asked myself if I wanted to. I decided that every human deserves a chance. That’s what Jerzy Clegg always told me – he added.

Sowick was sentenced to six years in prison for leading the Prochkov gang. He was released in 2013, because in the meantime he was serving a sentence for racketeering extortion in the 1990s, but prison did not cause him to change.

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Four years later, he was arrested again. The fees included VAT extortion, extortion, theft and assault. He exited in 2020 after paying a deposit of 400 thousand. zloty.

Andrzej Zieliński served his sentence for his mistakes and sins. He was recently released. Many of you accuse me of giving him a chance to act for a legitimate interest. so what? Do you want us to completely isolate these types of people? If we do not give them a chance to return to society, these people will return to this mafia world, because they will have no other choice, said Najman.

The next MMA-VIP party will be held on February 25 in Kielce. Two stars Marcin will fight another man linked to the Pruszków gang in the past. This is Miroslav Dibrovsky, better known as “Mysek from Naderzin”.

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