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“At the foot of the mountains…”: Bayern Munich surprises with its Alpine appearance

“At the foot of the mountains…”: Bayern Munich surprises with its Alpine appearance

“At the foot of the mountains…”
Bayern Munich surprises with its Alpine appearance

In the Super Cup, Bayern Munich surprises with a new outfit: the standard champion’s shirt looks bewildering at first glance. But there’s a really big idea behind the new jersey. Say.

Of course, the shirts of the big football clubs are more than just work clothes. Behind every dress is a story – claim the manufacturers, clubs and their marketing departments. At Bayern, they opened a new chapter in design history in the Super Cup against Borussia Dortmund that evening. Because instead of running against Borussia Dortmund in black and yellow in bright or dim red as usual, the record-breaking champions are presenting their new Champions League jersey to an interested global audience. This is largely white, crossed by a pattern that is difficult for an inexperienced observer to understand.

But if you look closely, you won’t see anything at first, unless you know the idea behind the design. Bayern Munich announced: “The new Champions League jersey is inspired by the mountain panorama of the Munich region: in white and blue, a stylized mountain world is incorporated into the innovative design, symbolizing the links with the homeland and the roots of the German record champions. In addition to its claim, always aiming to the highest peaks.” So much symbolism, so much marketing. But it gets better, because: “At the foot of the mountains, Bayern Munich draws its strength before having to climb sharply across Europe – in great form when the floodlights come on and the Champions League matches kick off.”

Of course, Thomas Muller loves the new Bayern Munich shirt. The 31-year-old international said about it’s the new Champions League shirt from Munich. It is not yet clear where the Munich team will be able to flaunt their new jersey in the Alps in the world, or at least in Europe: the group stage of the Champions League will not take place until next week. Müller got the design object from his employer, and fans have to invest €90 to get the fan copy. If you want the original adidas heat-ready technology, which is also worn by professional players, you have to pay 140 euros.

Before the championship match against cup champions Borussia Dortmund, it was very classic: in memory of their legendary striker Gerd Muller, the players wore warm shirts with the number 9 on their backs and the name of the record scorer who died. on Sunday. Before kick-off, the former national player was remembered for a minute’s silence. Then there was the applause from the stands.

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