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Abandoned cars for sale.  Among them, among others Mercedes S-Class and Porsche Cayenne

Abandoned cars for sale. Among them, among others Mercedes S-Class and Porsche Cayenne

Vehicles are removed from the roads only on the instructions of the competent authorities – the municipal police, the police or people leading the rescue operation. This is based on Sections 130a and 50a of the Road Traffic Law.

In the case of art. 130a, compounds are removed when:

  • are left in a place where it is prohibited and hinders movement or endangers safety;
  • Drivers have not shown confirmation of the conclusion of a contract of compulsory third-party liability insurance (civil liability) of the car owner or proof of payment of the premium for this insurance;
  • left without a visible parking card in a place designated for vehicles driven by or carrying disabled persons;
  • are left in place of the sign indicating that parked vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense;
  • It is driven by people without a driver’s license who cannot pass it on to another person in the car who has a driver’s license;
  • directed by persons under the influence of alcohol, alcohol or a substance similar to alcohol;
  • If it is driven by people who do not have the documents that allow them to drive or use the vehicle;
  • Their technical condition threatens traffic safety, damages the road, or violates environmental protection requirements.
  • Too large or exceeding the permissible gross weight or axle load compared to that specified in the Road Traffic Regulations.

The situation is different when it comes to art. 50 a. Under this provision, vehicles that are left without registration plates or those whose condition indicates they are not in use are removed. These cars are removed at the request of the municipal police or the police and go to the car parks of companies with which we have signed appropriate agreements. There they are waiting for the owner or the person authorized to receive the car. If no one reports the car within 6 months, it becomes the property of the city by law.

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– In 2020, we removed 10,626 improperly parked cars and 1,978 wrecks from the capital’s streets. This year, we recalled 8,613 and 1,375 vehicles, respectively. The cars, which no one decided to receive, were turned into scrap after they became the property of the city. Usually, we do not regret, because in most cases they are old cars and have been bitten by the teeth of time that even a major renovation will not save them – ZDM reported.

But there are also exceptions. Some abandoned cars, although classified as wrecks, do not actually have to be disposed of. We want to sell 8 of these cars in the tender that was just announced. Among the cars on display were, among others, two Mercedes (one S-S500) and a Porsche Cayenne. Especially the latter attracts attention. Also because it is relatively new and of great value, yet no one has decided to take it back – ZDM reports.

It is similar to other cars. Some of them seem quite ready for the path they did not take, because the owner suddenly decided to abandon them for unknown reasons. A good example of this is the Saab 9-3, which even has a scented Christmas tree on the rearview mirror.

In an open tender for the sale of cars that came into the possession of the city after they were removed for not being used, and then for six months no one came to pick them up, there was:

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– The above vehicles are intended for sale on the basis of estimates and estimates of their additional usefulness made by tax experts in the field of vehicle appraisal. We are waiting for shows until November 2 at 14- Says ZDM.

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