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Netflix quarter and Squid l

Netflix quarter and Squid l

This resulted in the company adding 4.4 million subscribers, double what it achieved in the last quarter, to reach 214 million paid users.

In addition, he said he will start using other metrics to see the behavior of his viewers, in order to determine which content seems more relevant to the audience, as he will begin to indicate the hours watched rather than the number of accounts they saw.

For example, 99 million accounts watched “Extraction” who watched at least two minutes of the title in its first 28 days on Netflix. Future reports will place “Bird Box” as the main movie, with a total of 282 million hours watched, in its first 28 days on the platform.

“These metrics now align with the way third-party services measure TV viewing and give enough credit to restart,” the company said.

Although analysts expected Netflix to add more viewers with the addition of the discontinued content at the start of the year, the company is confident that 2020 will end with more people willing to pay to watch popular content like Squid Game, a series that has already been watched by 117 million. account.

In addition, the platform also informed investors about its push towards gaming. The company said it had begun testing its games in select countries, but that “it is still early days for this plan”.

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