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Action RPG expansion that storms the charts

Action RPG expansion that storms the charts

A massive new expansion of the popular Capcom Action RPG has reached the top of the Steam charts. Only the Steam deck beats Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak sales.

The RPG Monster Hunter Rise is currently climbing Steam’s best seller lists. The role-playing game Capcom has received a new expansion that was released on June 30. The Excited about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak It’s obviously big on the community, because the expansion is currently right behind the Steam Deck at the top of the best sellers on Steam.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has become a top seller

With Sunbreak, Monster Hunter Rise gets a wide expansion that brings you loads of new content and opportunities. After you have been busy rescuing Kamura in the main game, A new adventure is waiting for youwhere you must travel to the remote outpost of Elgado with Fiorayne, one of the knights of the Royal Order, to investigate sinister developments.

In the expansion you can explore a foreign area using Interact with new characters and impose monsters place. Rope beetle also gives you new gameplay options for all 14 types of weapons. In order to play the expansion on Steam, you first need the base game as a prerequisite and you must also have completed the Serpent Goddess of Thunder quest.

Steam Charts: Formula 1 secures its place behind RPGs

While Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak climbed the charts shortly after release is that the 2022 F1 Formula 1 game has penetrated the position right behind it. (source: steamThe racing driver simulator from publisher Electronic Arts has been one of the best-selling games on Steam since it was announced in April and released on July 1st.

Check out the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer here:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Zum DLC Trailer

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