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Digital Expo 2.0: Lian Li zeigt Prototyp des DAN Cases A3 m-ATX

Digital Gallery 2.0: Lian Li zeigt Prototype for DAN A3 m-ATX Cases

Bild: Lian Li

Lian Li is again using a digital event to introduce new products. As part of Digital Expo 2.0, the manufacturer is displaying a new prototype of the A3 m-ATX resulting from the collaboration with DAN Cases and some other cases such as the O11 Dynamic EVO XL, fans and AiO water cooling.

From small, large and medium-sized cans

Lian Li and manufacturer DAN Cases, founded by community member bigdaniel, have already worked together on the Lian Li A4-H2O (test) released at the beginning of the year, and now the next joint case project with DAN will follow the A3 m-ATX cases. As the name already suggests, the chassis is no longer meant for the particularly small Mini-ITX form factor, but can also accommodate m-ATX motherboards, which are one step larger. The volume increases to almost 20 liters, but in return there is room for large 360 ​​mm radiators.

Buyers can choose between left-facing or right-facing hardware due to the internal reversible bezel. The enclosure allows for the installation of both SFX and ATX power supplies. There are four graphics card slots up to 380mm long in portrait or landscape orientation, and the maximum height for CPU coolers can be up to 158mm. There is also space for a 2.5-inch SSD drive. Externally, the A3 m-ATX offers an aluminum and steel casing and ARGB LEDs on the underside. The side grille elements can optionally be replaced with glass panels.

Lian Li also shows the O11 Dynamic EVO XL, which is a larger version of the O11 Dynamic EVO. There’s also a reversal here, but the case is aimed at larger motherboards up to the E-ATX form factor. There is also room for three 420 mm radiators. On the other hand, the Lancool 216 is a classic midi turret and a further development of the Lancool 215. However, there are two 160mm fans behind the front, and there is also an input/output panel that can be moved to the left side as an option.

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AiO water cooling and new Uni-Fan fans

There are also new things apart from housing. Lian Li presents a prototype of an all-in-one water cooling system with a 360mm cooler. It is completely custom design. The heat sink and fan are relatively thick with a thickness of 32 and 28 mm, respectively, which Lian Li promises high cooling performance. RGB lighting must be installed on the pump block”High degree of user-specific modification“To be allowed.

In addition, with the Uni Fan SL120 V2 and SL140 V2 as well as the AL120 V2 and AL140 V2, the manufacturer is introducing new frame fans with a thickness of 28 mm. The fans, which can be arranged in a modular way, are optimized for powerful airflow and high static pressure. Regarding the first generation, Lian Li promises a lower noise level in “similar or aboveSpeeds. The VL variants feature RGB illumination in the form of a stripe on the frame, while the hub of the AL variants are equipped with LEDs. From now on, the Uni Fan P28 will be offered as a silent, high-performance version.