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Aczino reveals the ‘secret’ behind his songs against Kast in the Battle of Roosters final | arts and culture

The legendary Mexican rapper, who became the first two-time international champion of the Batala de los Galos last Saturday in Quinta Vergara, paid tribute to his younger teammates and thanked his parents for their unconditional support.

Last Saturday, in Quinta Vergara, Mexican rapper Aczino (30) Made history in Spanish-speaking freestyle by becoming the first two-time international champion in a tournament Red Bull Batala de los Galos, a symbolic contest for this art scene.

“The truth is, I said to myself: If I lose, next year (the international final of the tournament) will be in Mexico, so I’m going to play it there.”, the legendary MC is recognized with laughter after receiving the title belt (as dictated by the boxing ritual) in Viña del Mar.

The calculation was accurate: next year, the international final will be held in the Aztec country, where this year he installed two of its semi-finalists: Rapder and Aczino, who eventually won first place.

for example , Mauricio Hernandez Gonzalez (Author’s real name) Spanish encounter sleep, Practically a partner in religion of his generation. “We are two gentlemen, we have a little hair. The two of us reached the final and discussed the championship … If he had won, he would have celebrated it”, admitted the interpreter, who also announced that he is working on new projects with the Spaniard.

Experience and youth

Before Skone and Rapder, the rapper had to measure himself Jair Wong y P8. In the last three duels, his dominance was absolute: according to the judges’ ballot papers, the skip with Rapder was the most difficult to avoid.

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In a post-battle meeting with the international media, who Biobio Chile He had access, and the Mexican recognized not only the merits of his swordsmen, but also the merits of the new generations.

For the same reason, the performance Ghazir; One of the most cheerful MCs on his way through the Viñamarino Coliseum. He said in one of his letters, also referring to the affection he received in Chile: “He knows that I have always known him, and I have never blamed him for anything. Chile is my second home.”

When asked about his youth and the first rhymes that helped him shape his style, Aczino didn’t hesitate: “It was anyone: The rhyming table with the head was like, ‘Wow'”He said, to the laughter of his fellow Batala de los Galos.

“The first rhyme that surprised the audience was When I competed with Abstract Verse And she spoke of wakefulness and the grave… Those were the first rhymes where I saw something of what I was going to do next: strong and insulting rhymes. As for the style, not the person., confirmed.

“When I was young (my parents) also told me to study, and that the art world was not safe and stable, but since they saw my passion and saw that I was focusing on art, they supported me… My father took me for my first events. This time, he took me to the airport. Thanks. Dad. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.”

(Q) How do you rediscover yourself in this activity after such a long repetition?

(R): He feeds on these guys (laughs). from jazzer from marithi. When a new generation comes, though we have thrown them away, we admire them … We admire the jazzer for putting 80 references in two lines; Maritia’s responses are very specific. This makes us reinvent ourselves.

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(Q): In the final fight, in front of Skone and the Chilean audience, I signaled the outbreak of society and to one of the candidates for the presidential election in the coming days, José Antonio Caste. How was the process of intervening in local politics?

(R): What happens is that I’m a very close friend Kaiser, so you know: there is a “secret”.

(Q): What is the most difficult opponent to beat in this tournament?

(s): sleep. It was a very important thing, without offending the other competitors. The battle with Skone was very important because that bastard you never know what you’re going to get out of… you shoot them with others and they respond to you with the same momentum; It’s easier to play it. But when you are very tough and the opponent compares you to the scoundrel, it is very difficult. And this great son always complicates everything for us.”