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Afghanistan: Girls’ school in the mountains opens despite Taliban

Hard copy from Dagens Nyheter, 2021-12-14 10:41

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Galeries. When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, 13-year-old Nafesha Mohammadi was concerned. How are things going with her school now?

Most schools for girls over the age of 12 have closed in Afghanistan. But the Bin Afsha school was allowed to remain open, even though it was located in the middle of Taliban territory.

Or maybe just.

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Thirteen-year-old Banafsha Mohammadi was worried about his education when the Taliban came to power. So far, her school has been open and she hopes the Taliban will keep their promise to allow women to study as well.

Photo: Paul Hansen

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The advantage for us was that I knew the local Taliban leaders. The local director of education called me and announced that all schools would continue to operate. As well as girls’ schools, up to the twelfth grade, says the principal, Syed Habibullah.

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The class is allowed to write their exam in the open air as a punishment for not being able to stop talking while writing.

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Along the country road in Galleries are old roadblocks that have been bombed. Before the Taliban seized power in mid-August, they often attacked this road, which was considered life-threatening.

Photo: Paul Hansen