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After the match against Russia Palo Sausage: Mistakes are part of this process

After the match against Russia Palo Sausage: Mistakes are part of this process

“I think we got off to a good start. During the press conference, red coach Paulo Sousa said that our country’s football team drew 1-1 with the Russians.” Errors are part of the process, “the coach said.

Poland joins Russia in friendly match in Wroclaw

The first test before the European Championship, behind the Polish national football team. Paulo Sousa’s players started the game right – with a goal from Jacobs Vierzok in the 4th minute. Just before the break, Vikesva Karavazev equalized. Then, the goals were gone. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

White and red coach Paulo Sousa agreed at the post-match conference He is especially happy at the beginning of the meeting.

The moment we reached a goal, we lowered our security and we lost the initiative. In the second half, we started to show our best side. We had an excellent level of security and we started to create situations The selector noted. Sausage also praised the defensive game.

This is a new security. Despite the mistakes they made, I am pleased with their attitude. Errors are part of the process – He agreed. In the opinion of the white and red coach, Matthews can perform better during the clich.

Clichy played well, but I think he could still play better. This will make a big difference on the pitch Paulo Sousa said.

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The collaboration between Krischowiak and Klitschko was very good. It can be further enhanced by improving cooperation with their defenders – Added.

Russia coach Stanislaw Cerceso acknowledged the goals his team had set before the match.

I’m glad we responded well to losing the goal and scored right away. Today we tried different solutions and team settings and made a lot of changes already during the competition. There were times when we won and times when the poles prevailed. But above all, I am glad that our game is decent after a hard time. The fact that none of the players were injured is also very important to me today Said the coach.

I don’t want to judge the Polish team because I don’t know what the coach’s assumptions were before the match. This is definitely a very strong team, unable to use a few basic players today for a variety of reasons. I didn’t see losing a goal since I came back. I was warmly welcomed by the Polish soldiers I served in the past – Added.

The coach did not want to answer the question of which team performed better during the match.

The players of the Polish national team believe that this game will be a good test for them before the European Championship.

When a gate is allowed inside it is not always satisfied. I was well positioned, but the shot was close. Russia has a good team. As for the euro we will play against Slovakia and Sweden, which will probably mean a similar amount – Poland national team goalkeeper Sukas Fabiaski said in an interview with the public after the game.

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The opponent is very demanding. It is known that there are some places for improvement, but we played in a test setting. There were some good moments, some lack of strength, but we got a week of hard training behind us. We had our own situations, we could shoot, I had a good chance, I should have used it. We can easily win this match, I think we had better conditions than the Russians Mattus Clichy, in turn, evaluated.

Now Polish scorer Jakub ier Weirshok believes players should focus on training.

Most importantly, I scored my first goal (In the frame – Ed.) Now I hope the pie will unravel itself. Hitting the bar a bit is awful, but there is no need to think about it now. 1: 1 – Sometimes I think it was good – Competitor commented.

This is the final test of white and red before the European Championships. On June 8, they will face Iceland in Bosna.

The match in Group E of the European Championship will open on June 14 with Slovakia at the Poles in St. Petersburg. Five days later in Seville, they will face their rival Spain and Sweden again in Russia on June 23rd.

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