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EKO OKNA will build a plant in Votsysla.  The Cornice-based company bought 17 hectares of land in Cocosys.  Initially, they will employ a thousand people

EKO OKNA will build a plant in Votsysla. The Cornice-based company bought 17 hectares of land in Cocosys. Initially, they will employ a thousand people

EKO OKNA will invest in Wodzisław ląski. The Cornice-based company bought 17 hectares of land in the investment zone in Cocosys. – Initially, we will employ a thousand people – said Matos Kosek, chairman of EKO OKIEN. The Cornice-based company wants to invest several hundred million slots.

EKO OKNA will set up a factory in Votsysla. A company from Cornice bought 17 hectares of land in Cocosys


A huge investment is underway in the investment zone in Olcini in Vodcisla. EKO OKNA has purchased 17 hectares of land on which it plans to build production. The plans were officially announced on Wednesday (2.06) in the conference room of the railway station in Vodcisla.

It is estimated at several hundred million slots. The company is headquartered in Cornice, where it employs 7,000 people. It mainly makes windows and doors.

– We are opening a new plant with production hall, management and sales department. Initially, we will hire a thousand people – announced Mattus Kozak, President of EKO OKIEN.

However, the plant is yet to be developed, and its expansion and hiring of more people seems to be only a matter of time. EKO OKNA is one of the top ten Polish exporters, but its ambitions come first. Votsis łl. Increasing productivity, allowing new markets to enter and strengthening the status quo.

– Production of PVC, aluminum, roller shutters, veneers, profiles is planned in Olcini, but a paint shop – said Tomas Marek, managing director of EKO OKIEN.

President Kozak stressed that employees can see their future for dozens of years, not just a few for the plant. He declared not only to invest in a manufacturing plant, but also for the benefit of the local community (Cornice also has a kindergarten, a hospital and a church used by staff).

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About investing in Wodzisław inl. The location was decisive. The zone in the Cocosys is located 30 km from Cornice. A lot of staff travel from this region, which will allow you to get started quickly, but will significantly reduce the hassle related to recruitment. In Olcini, a large number of hectares of land are to be created in one place, with the possibility of purchasing more land. Proximity is also an advantage City center.

– This is the culmination of many years of work related to the development of the Olsena Economic Zone. EKO OKIEN investment means jobs, but it is also a great opportunity for infrastructure and the broader growth of the city – said Mayor Mexiswa Keega.

Construction of the production plant may begin in late summer or early fall. Production is expected to begin in the third or fourth quarter of 2022. The center of the plant will have experienced workers from Cornice, but will hire 1,000 people in the first phase. Recruitment is set to begin in the coming months. Staff will be trained at Cornice.

President Mikiswa Kiga stressed that EKO OKIEN’s 1,000 new employees will travel not only to Cocosys, but also to other plants (including Infost). He announced work to improve the road system. In agreement with Boviat Starosti and the Provincial Road Authority, meetings are to be arranged to regulate traffic. Eventually, the access issue will be resolved by the planned South Main Road (more on this subject soon).

On the way to the investment zone, the kindergarten should be expanded so that working parents can find a place to leave their children. There are also plans to build a kindergarten in Cocosys, dedicated to the staff at Olksini. The President announced housing improvements in the city of Giga (including Battery Estate, but also via Tomaro).

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Starost Lessek Bishov promised to assist the investor in the management phase and to recruit through the Bowie Labor Office. Senator Eva Gavada and MP Adam Gavada announced their support for the further development of the investment zone in Olcini, Votsyla.