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Is "Thorgel" the new "Witcher"?  CD project ideas

Is “Thorgel” the new “Witcher”? CD project ideas

Warsaw Studios has announced that it has begun pre-production of several projects from the AAA division, and rumors are already circulating on the web about which game the creators of “The Witcher” will target.

For now, the CD project has not released any details on the matter, but fans were heated by the news that Pyotr Rosiowski had visited the company’s headquarters. The arrival of the son of the co-creator of the cult comic book series “Thorkel” gave a clear signal that this hero could be another star of digital entertainment. Industrial websites began writing about the “Thorgel” product, which would become the next hit after “The Witcher” and “Cyberbunk 2077”.

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The confusion grew so great that the management of the CD project soon decided to mark the whole situation. In that statement, the company did not explicitly deny that it was thinking of embracing a popular comic book. However, he said the studio was visited by the organizers of the International Comics and Sports Festival in Auto, with whom he had a friendly relationship for many years. “Piotr Rosiski was one of the members of the team we conducted. This visit is completely respectful and not related to the production of video games” – Game Developer Balance.

“Torgal” is a series of comics (38 volumes) by cartoonist Grescors Rosiowski and Belgian screenwriter Jean von Hamm. Since its inception in the 1970s, the story has appeared in “Tintin” and “Relax” magazines. The premiere comic was released in 1980. His son is a young man taken by the Vikings.

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