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Fantastic fight by Casimir Markinwicz.  It even counted!

Fantastic fight by Casimir Markinwicz. It even counted!

The exhibition will go down in the history of Polish martial arts. Freak fights, i.e. conflicts between non-professional athletes, have recently become very popular in our country. This time it was used for noble purposes because the Collins Foundation fight was a charitable event.

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Markinwich in the ring

The Markinwich fight with Rafas Collins lasted three rounds over 2 minutes, which was certainly very interesting in the third part of the fight. At one point, Markinovich took a very strong blow, and it seemed to be the end. He was counted, but was able to continue the fight.

Very young Collins seemed to win the match easily, but he also got penalty points for going away, and the judges called a draw. Casimir Markinwich, despite being 61 years old, showed himself to be on the most positive side. He showed great commitment and some technical skills.

How did Markinkiwich get into the ring?

“The purpose of my being in the ring is to help people,” Cassimierz Markinwich, a former prime minister, told TVN24.

– Rafa asked me to participate in the exhibition. He asked me the hardest thing in the world. I like a parachute jump, and maybe even without it. Boxing is an Olympic sport, very deserving, but I’m never interested in it – in a recent interview with Sports PL Markinkevich said: – I think my boxing is an event. No more such noise or surprise. It is needed to surprise people and, as a result, attract money for a good cause. If I enter the ring one more time the refreshing effect will go away.

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Proceeds from Gala’s organization will be allocated to the legal activities of the Collins Brothers Foundation. The fund is designed to fund projects that target children and families, especially in difficult financial situations. For example, in 2020, the Collins Brothers Foundation PLN donated more than 600,000 to those in need.