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Theresa Lipovska had to move from home to apartment.  Why?

Theresa Lipovska had to move from home to apartment. Why?

  • Theresa Lipovska moved into an apartment in Warsaw 20 years ago at the request of her son and daughter-in-law.
  • Although the 83-year-old actress initially did not believe in the idea, now she can not imagine living at a different address
  • Her apartment has monuments to her husband, statues of angels and a sea of ​​flowers, with which the “M Jack Mino” star wants to surround herself.
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Teresa Lipovska is one of the most famous and popular Polish actresses. For the younger generation, he is primarily associated with the character of Barbara Mostovic in the “M Jack Minos” series, where she has been acting for over 20 years. During her first years working on the series, Teresa Lipovska had to change her life significantly.

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However, the actress lived for many years in her beautiful home with her husband Tomas Jalivsky At the urging of their son and daughter-in-law, they changed their address. They did so reluctantly They had to move from a large house to an apartment in Ursino, Warsaw.

I thought we would never leave my beloved home. However, when The son said he wanted to get married and live alone, My husband Tomas and I realized we could not build it, because the house – as you know – even needs renovation or cleaning “- Theresa Lipovska explained to the” Super Express “.

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Theresa Lipovska moved her house into an apartment in Ursino. The daughter-in-law helped organize herself

Theresa Lipovska She did not believe for a long time to move, but her daughter-in-law helped with everythingIt dealt with, among other things, the provision of a new residence. Now 83 years old he admits he was very happy now, despite his initial doubts.

My daughter-in-law, who has a big head for things like this, has designed a lot in this house. She was the one who discovered with others the kitchen and the wardrobe. However, I could not imagine that I would be fine and happy here“- he said in the pages of” SE “.

Photo: Andros Chilaki / MW Media

Theresa Lipovska

In 2006, the actress’ beloved husband, Tomas Jalivsky, died. The “M Jack Mino” star collected many memories of his apartment. Apart from them, he also collects idols of angels and surrounds himself with flowers.

My husband laughed that there was a floral well-being in our houseBecause even when one of them comes to an end, I try to keep him alive. And Thanks for the photos, great moments with Tomas. “ – He recalled in an interview with the newspaper. “Older people accumulate a lot of unnecessary things, but things that they have lived a little bit in their lives often happen. I have similar memorabilia – angels, Sometimes I get them, sometimes I buy them myself, a heart, because that’s it My husband called me, யம் heart – explained Theresa Lipovska.

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Now it is impossible to imagine that the famous actress could find a happier place on earth than her comfortable residence in Ursino.

Photo: Savada / AKBA

Theresa Lipovska and Tomasz Jalievsky

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