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Aftonbladet was nominated for a Golden Spade Award for the H&M review

Updated 12.46 | Posted on 11.27

Aftonbladet's review of H&M's throwback clothing has been nominated for a Golden Spade Award.

Aftonbladet's review “H&M and Recycling” was nominated for the Guldspaden Prize for Engraving.

“It feels very interesting and also quite reasonable,” says Jonathan Gibson, Aftonbladet's excavation manager.

Aftonbladet was nominated for a Guldspaden Award for its H&M and recycling expose, which showed what happens to clothes that Swedish consumers hand in to H&M for recycling.

The review was nominated in the Metropolitan Newspaper category.

-It's great fun and we're very proud. Examining greenwashing and the reality behind the sustainability promises made by big companies seems incredibly meaningful, says Staffan Lindberg, fossils correspondent for the newspaper Aftonbladet.

In the review, he and Aftonbladet photographer Magnus Weinman show how clothes submitted in Sweden for recycling end up in Benin, a country known for dumping clothes.

By placing air tags on ten garments, the team was able to follow the garments across Europe to Africa.

Digital tracking devices showed the movement of the clothes.

– It feels very interesting and it is also plausible that this excellent excavation carried out in a completely unique way should be among the candidates, says Jonathan Gibson, Aftonbladet's excavation director.

– Aftonbladet continues to review climate issues and demand responsibility from all those in power and business leaders. Staffan Lindberg and Magnus Weinmann have a location quite close there.

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The Golden Spade is awarded annually by the Society of Paleontological Journalists. Other reviews nominated in the chapter are: Spotify and the Money Gang, SvD, Fryshuset's hemligheter, Sydsvenskan, De dolda Ryssansaffärerna, DN and the LVU scandal in Älvsbyn, DN.

The winners will be revealed at a ceremony on the occasion of the annual drilling symposium organized by the association, on March 22 and 23.

Here you can read Aftonbladet's reveal.