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An unpleasant discovery in Willis – between vegetables and bread

An unpleasant discovery in Willis – between vegetables and bread

An unpleasant discovery in Willis – between vegetables and bread

The Willys store ended up in trouble after several unpleasant discoveries on the premises.

It concerns a number of the less pleasant finds at the group's store in Köping – which were also made in areas where the store stocks bulk foods such as vegetables and bread.

For example, rat feces were discovered in these very places, Aftonbladet newspaper reported, citing Sirin News Agency.

Find a dead animal

However, rat droppings were not the only surprise at the store in question.

When the municipality was called to conduct an inspection of the building, a dead rat was also found in the store.

An almost identical incident occurred just over a year ago at a Willys store in Sisjon, Gothenburg.

Then the discovery of a dead mouse behind potatoes and mouse droppings near the natural sweets led to a fine of 200,000 kroner being imposed on the state.

“What has been proven is that there are pests and we have added extensive measures to deal with this problem,” Willis press officer Joanna Uren told GP at the time.

Possible cleaning equipment

In the case of the current Willys store in Copping, the municipality now does not approve cleaning even in the store's warehouse.

According to reports, the cleaning equipment must have been partially moldy, and now the store is forced to implement measures with immediate effect.

It is not clear from the data exactly what these measures consist of, but based on the situation at the store in Gothenburg last winter, such situations are not always easy to handle.

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– Sometimes these problems are difficult to reach, but we did our best. “And now the problems must be solved,” Johan Jören said in December 2022.

It was also discovered in Lidl

Willy's isn't the only food chain affected by pests.

Just under a year ago, similar discoveries were made in several Lidl stores, for example in Våxnäs in Värmland and Angered in Gothenburg.

As in the case of Willis, the latter had to pay a fine of SEK 75,000 after a customer found a dead mouse or rat in the store.

A chewed-up package of muesli was also discovered in the same crank, as well as feces.

Of course this is not good, people can get sick. Mice and vermin spread the infection, and it shouldn't seem that way, Angelika Winter, head of the food control and permits department at the Department of the Environment, told SVT at the time.

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