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She is “torn apart” by all the troubles – she is brutally mocked for blunders in skits

He stares in confusion, claims to have just spoken to Gorbachev, and accidentally blows up the world.

Millions watched the brutal taunt.

At the same time, Democrats are debating how to convince voters that Joe Biden is smart enough for another four years.

The number of Americans who knew Italian comedian Maurizio Croza, 64, before the weekend might be a quick count.

But his brutal sketch of Joe Biden was picked up by a US conservative X account and has now been viewed by nearly eight million people.

The scene shown on Italian television is, for many Democrats, painful proof that not only with Donald Trump in the White House can the United States be “ridiculed” in the world.

Blow up the world

Confused, Biden stumbles onto the presidential podium and begins thinking about a conversation he had with Israeli President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Then he talks about the “wonderful” movie “Mars Attacks” in which Netanyahu sings.

The sketch ends with “The President” saying that he forgot to take his pills and took out the nuclear bag to “call the doctor.”

He presses the big red button and everything disappears in a sea of ​​fire.

Arguing about the problem

For Democrats, what troubles public opinion is that Joe Biden is too old to be re-elected, presenting an unusually difficult problem.

He won't get any younger.

Instead, the White House and upper levels of the party are arguing internally about how best to ensure that Biden is still smart enough to be president. Newsweek writes in an article Titled “Joe Biden’s Age Problem Tears Democrats Apart.”

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The problem became more acute after special prosecutor Robert Hoare's report earlier in February following an investigation into Biden's handling of sensitive documents.

He wants help from others

Documents were found among debris and broken furniture in Biden's garage and in a drawer under a television.

Howe chose not to prosecute, partly because the jury was sure of seeing him as a “well-meaning old man with a bad memory.”

Some strategists are calling for other top Democrats to appear in the media and assure voters that Joe Biden is doing well and not suffering from cognitive decline.

– In a sense, the special prosecutor did us a favor because some of us shouted loudly from the sidelines that the people who work for him should come out regularly and say he's doing a good job, says a former senior prosecutor's source. The White House for Newsweek.

“gives nothing”

Others believe that it is the president himself who convinces the people.

Many within the party believe he has not yet shown strongly enough that he is not too old, Newsweek wrote.

When party leaders praise his commitment, energy and health at the same time that people see his stumbling walk and how he often stumbles over his words, it seems exaggerated.

– Representatives should come out and say that he is completely intelligent, and that gives him nothing. Biden will have to do most of the work himself, Democratic strategist Tad Devine tells Newsweek.

Pointing to Trump

One of Biden's advisors told the newspaper that the president's statements and serious mistakes should not be considered evidence that he is no longer on an equal footing.

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Instead, he believes not enough attention is paid to how well he maintains his physical health as a man in his 80s.

– He trains several times a week with a personal trainer and is in better physical shape than he was 15 or 20 years ago, says the consultant.

– He is more disciplined now.

Democrats also believe that Biden is in better and more “stable” shape than Donald Trump (77 years old), whom they believe “forgets the facts and tells errors and lies.”