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AI will allow you to become an artist

AI will allow you to become an artist

Nvidia has introduced a beta version of a tool that will turn your doodles into beautiful and realistic images with the help of artificial intelligence. Nvidia Canvas is now available for download.

Download Nvidia Canvas and become an artist, it’s that easy!

Request Canvas It is the result of many years of Nvidia’s work in the field of artificial intelligence. It can be done in real time Turn your doodles into beautiful pictures.

Using two neural networks (creator and highlighter) can create an image element that is ideally suited to the existing color palette (trees, grass, clouds, water with automatically generated reflections) based on several user-created shapes.

nvidia canvas Equipped with tools known from basic photo editors – so there’s a brush, sampling tool, and a bucket of paint.

The finished “work” can be exported to a .PNG or .PSD file – this will allow additional processing in Photoshop.

The whole app FreeWhen it comes to its requirements, first of all, you will need Windows 10 and a GeForce RTX, Nvidia RTX, Titan RTX, or Quadro RTX graphics card.

Will you check out Nvidia Canvas at home? Show your sections in the comments!


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